Expert Tips For Composing A Strong Dissertation Proposal In Economics

Economics affects us all, from the meal you had today to the clothes you wear, everything you see on a daily basis is affected by the economics of your country, in some way. This make this study one of the leading courses at the university level and countries are always searching for better economists.

Before you write a dissertation, you must go through a process of approval where you submit a proposal to be reviewed by a committee. You may then be instructed to make changes to your proposal, possibly many times, before acquiring approval to conduct your dissertation in the manner you propose. The following short points will provide you with some helpful tips to help you compose a strong dissertation proposal in economics:

  1. Choose a relevant topic
  2. The topic is everything, a good topic can take your paper great distances while a poor one can render it unknown to the rest of the world. Choose a topic with the ability to catch someones attention, both because of its importance, as well as its interesting features. Your topic must also be practical to work with, increasing your chances of success during this research project.

  3. Formulate a practical hypothesis
  4. Now that you have a topic, take your time to formulate a worthy hypothesis. Be practical and logical in your thesis, you want to be able to peak the interest of your readers, as well as yourself, while maintaining the ability to formulate executable plans.

  5. View other dissertations like the one you wish to do
  6. A good sample can go a long way in helping you design your own paper and they are not hard to come by. A short search with a good search engine should provide you with many samples to view. Use the ideas contained in these samples to help you organize your own.

  7. Consider your own skills, resources and available time
  8. Everyone wants to do something great, however, not everyone has the brains or the means to do so. For this reason, it may be better to play it safe and designing your experiment around your strongest traits.

  9. Your proposal must be practical, possible and timely
  10. Finally, when making a proposal, the thing that board members pay most attention to, is the possibility of completing the entire project. Carefully outline the steps that you expect are necessary to complete your project and outline them clearly.

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