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Your topic for a dissertation is probably one of the most important parts. Once you’ve chosen one, you shouldn’t change your mind because you’ll have wasted all the work and time already put into it. That’s why you need a great topic to start out with to avoid hating it and changing your mind. When you’re looking for a good topic, it can be overwhelming to narrow down so many choices. On the flip side, you might just not be able to find anything appropriate for your particular university program. Fields of study with a very particular scope and subject matter might make things more difficult for you. If you’re in a program you don’t particularly love this makes things even harder. There are students who are just in school because their parents want them to be, or because they might get a good paying job, not that they necessarily love the work.

Looking for Free Dissertation Topics

In an education major, your dissertation should be about factors that affect modern education and how people should be using those to their advantage in their own lives. Here are a few examples of good broad topics. Make sure you narrow them down to specific time periods, types of education, or countries of origin.

  • In poorer countries, how readily available is education? Would more access to education help to bring more money in to the people?
  • Consider public vs. private vs. homeschooling for preteens
  • Do students that go to boarding schools away from their parents have more success in life than those who live at home while going to school?
  • Does it really matter what school you go to if you’re taking the same subject?
  • Think about how qualified teachers can help students be way more successful than teachers who merely know their industry but don’t know how to teach

You can find many more topics online at different sites. All it takes is to get out there and do the search. No ideas are copyrighted, so as long as you phrase your dissertation question in different words, you can use the exact same ideas as someone else. When the writing is original, it makes the topic stand out and even boring or normal topics can be brought to life by a really great writer.

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