How To Succeed In Finding A Dissertation Topic In Biology

Not only do you have to write a dissertation for your biology course, but you also have to come up with a research topic that raises the bar in every way. Obviously you must have a certain amount of contextual insight and knowledge of the research question that you are posing, but in order to choose something exceptional, there are several other considerations. This is what you need to know in order to successfully choose a biology dissertation topic that will guarantee you get top marks:

  • Interesting: If you have zero interest in the research question that you have chosen, be prepared to struggle from start to finish. When you are not interested in what you are doing, not only will you be more likely to procrastinate, but your performance, writing quality, and rate of work produced will be affected.
  • Relevant: Before you even begin to think about conducting research or drafting a preliminary outline, you must ensure that you have chosen a title that is completely relevant to your area of study. While the title should grab the reader's attention, make sure that you don't narrow your field of possibilities too much. Start with something that is generally relevant and work from there.
  • Manageable: Make sure that the project you choose is at the right level of difficulty and appropriate to the experience that you have. Since you will be doing all of the research yourself, don't choose a topic that you think will get you a higher mark, yet is almost impossible to work with. Give serious thought to how easily you will be able to complete it.
  • Familiar: Choose your biology dissertation topic wisely. Pick an area in which you already have some knowledge, otherwise you may find that you become in over your head quickly.
  • Challenging: For the best results in challenging yourself, make sure that your question is complex and answerable in several different ways. Ensure that you are able to include both negative and positive arguments within the paper.
  • Current: Not only will research be a challenge for outdated topics, but you will not be making a significant contribution to your field using old information. Science is constantly evolving, so be sure that your final choice reflects what people need to know now.
  • Original: Being original does not mean that it has never been done before, although this is fine. It is perfectly acceptable to look at existing questions and come at them with a unique perspective.

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