Leadership Dissertation Topics - What Needs To Be Included

Every dissertation requires a powerful commitment of time and effort. But what requires great concentration at the beginning of your project is the choice of topic. And once having settled upon this, you must, repeat must address that topic throughout your paper. In this article we are assuming your dissertation topic involves leadership. What are the elements or characteristics of leadership which must be included?

  • An introduction involving your definition.
  • The characteristics of leadership.
  • The style of leadership.
  • The practical aspects of leadership.

It is a vital that the reader fully understands what you mean as far as the definition of leadership is concerned. Of course there is a general understanding but you need to be absolutely specific. Your take on the subject, your thesis statement in your dissertation must be crystal clear. Your introduction must include how leadership is achieved. You must also go on to explain the impact leadership has on the followers of the leader, the employees or members of the group.

The topic of leadership lends itself to a variety of theories. You must include your description of the characteristics of leadership. What distinguishes leadership from other roles in society and business? What makes leadership unique? How is leadership developed in various situations. Plenty of theories exist regarding the study and application of leadership. Your dissertation must include details of which theory or theories you are discussing and why.

And then there are the styles all types of leadership. This is a detailed and complex subject and depending on the topic of your dissertation will need to be investigated to a particular degree. It is vital that you include a clear description of the style or styles of leadership you are discussing in your dissertation.

And finally there is the practical aspect of leadership, the theory in practice so to speak. In what circumstances is the leadership being discussed in your dissertation? How does the leadership explained in your dissertation impact upon those around it?

Many a dissertation will include reference to experiments or surveys related to the topic. With leadership, there are numerous studies in which styles and theories of leadership have been subjected to assessment. Knowing these studies or at least one in particular will be a worthwhile anchor point throughout your paper. Basing your dissertation on a practical experiment gives your work credibility and power.

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