Dissertation Defense with the Help of PowerPoint

The Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation, also knowingly referred to as the dissertation proposal, is required by doctoral candidates for the completion of a PhD. In pursuing a doctorate’s degree, candidates usually find themselves scrambling to and from each and every aspect in the process of writing their thesis. Though, at times the journey may seem irregular, the end result is to be presented to an academic advising committee for further evaluation in the deliberation of the candidate’s approval of a PhD. Aspects such as coming up with a subject topic of choice for further focus, devising a dissertation prospectus, conducting extensive hours of original research findings, including the reviewing of academically permissible research literature in the form of articles, peer reviewed journals, and studies while simultaneously consulting the elected members of your academic advising committee. Placing the pieces of the puzzle together to write a formal thesis essay is one of the major points of emphasis in your experience as a doctoral candidate. A great challenge, as the saying goes, provides for even greater circumstances and results. And, for this, the doctoral candidate will recognize the need to over and out do themselves in the quality of their dissertation, and its presentation.

Cement the Agenda with Visuals

Have you have ever personal witnessed, or noticed even in hindsight, that, one of the most important elements in recognition involves the use of visuals? One can even go further, to state that, visuals help set the agenda of something being discussed. In considering the various platforms of discussion using the presentation of visuals to align the abstraction produced in theoretical speech, with the pictorial generation of charts, graphs, images, percentages, and statistics, for example, helps in drawing the bridge between the two, as through the use of tracing both into a streamline connection. Anywhere from TED Talk, to corporate businesses, and university lectures will employ the use of PowerPoint as a means of demonstrating to the audience, the topic being discussed in a further illustration of detail. Furthermore, in providing a concise summary of your dissertation through the use of PowerPoint, you can be able to paint what we know universally cannot be described. For instance, if your dissertation zooms into the increasing poverty rates of a specified region, a photograph would speak louder than words. Using a PowerPoint presentation adds a level of advantage.

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