An Original Tutorial On How To Write A Doctoral Dissertation

There are many tutorials available on how to write a doctoral dissertation, but most of them are as long and complicated as a dissertation themselves. This guide aims to be something different: a quick and easy guide to the basics of dissertation writing. By following this simple guide, students will be able to apply the skills they’ve learned throughout their academic careers in order to write a great dissertation quickly and easily.

Goals, goals, goals.

The most important thing to keep in mind when writing your dissertation is that you need defined goals. Defined goals help students remain on track while writing, and they help them to avoid procrastination. Losing their motivation and managing time poorly is where many students run astray when writing their dissertations for their PhD; most of these students don’t understand the importance of setting goals. There are two types of goals that a student should focus on when writing:

  • Long term goals
  • Short term goals
  • Long Term goals

Long term goals are those that are set weeks or months in advance. They refer to the larger phases of the project. Things like “complete research,” “complete outline,” and “write rough draft” are long term goals when they are set at the beginning of the dissertation process. Long term goal dates are very likely to change over time, but they are important to give the project a sense of direction and to ensure that the student isn’t falling behind and will meet their final deadline.

Short Term Goals

These are weekly goals which shouldn’t need much adjustment. At the beginning of each week, the student will assess their progress thus far, consult their long term goals, and decide what will be completed in the upcoming week. They will schedule the deadline for each of these mini goals as well as timeframes during which the work should be done during the week.

Writing schedules

Aside from overall procrastination, failing to set a consistent writing schedule is another major problem that PhD students encounter. They should have set times of day during which they write, and they should be writing for equivalent amounts of time, in a stable, pre-planned environment. By setting a writing schedule, they can ensure that they fully prepare themselves to sit down and write and don’t get distracted by other events or obligations during their writing sessions.

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