How To Write Dissertations: Study Guidelines

When it comes to writing your dissertation, you need to think about when, where and how you work best. Planning a study and writing schedule around this will help you maximize efficiency and will go a long way in helping you find success with your dissertation. Here are four simple guidelines to keep in mind as you work on planning time to work and write.

  1. Work during the times that are most productive for you.
  2. Some people work well in the mornings other people do their best work in the evenings. Make sure you take into account the other activities you have during the day. If you just finished a 10 hr shift at work, you will likely need to take a break before diving into the dissertation work. Play around with your schedule where you can and carve out some time to work on the paper when you are feeling the best and when you seem to have the most energy to devote to the dissertation paper.

  3. Work on the paper in a spot that helps you be productive.
  4. Figure out what places work well and where you can be the most productive. Try to get both comfort and results in that spot. You may be comfortable in your bed or on the couch but not get a lot of work done. On the other side, you may get a lot of work done at the dinning room table but be very uncomfortable. Try to find a place that combines both and then block out time in manageable segments so you can get some good work done.

  5. Work in a way that is best for you
  6. Develop rituals, habits, and processes for work that make sit easier for you to work well and to get more done. Lighting incense, drinking your favorite coffee or tea, listening to your favorite type of music, using certain pens or paper, wearing your PJ at home, and other ritualistic behaviors can help you get into the frame of mind that says- it is time to work!

  7. Don’t ignore other opportunities to get work done just because it is not your normal or prefer place or method.
  8. You may work best at home but if you have two hours to kill at the college before your next class, make use of that time and get some work or research done for your dissertation. You have to use every chance you get in order to finish the dissertation, so be on the lookout for those half hour blocks of time and make sure you grab them and any other chance you get!

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