A List Of The Most Interesting Thesis Topics In Business

When deciding on a specific topic for your thesis or dissertation, it would be easy to assume that business doesn’t have much to offer by way of topics. However, the business world is not as straightforward as first assumed, and with a bit of research you can unearth all kinds of facts that can be used in your essay. The following topics are examples of what can be used as an interesting thesis topic.

Select a Topic on Global Business
  • Students could look at how Corporate Government affects firms with regards to globalization and a firm’s performance.
  • Carrying out research on theoretical directions in international business is an another interesting topic
Topics That Involve Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Students can find a number of interesting topics within technology and innovation, and how the two are used within a business strategy.
  • Students could explain how branding works within a business strategy and discuss whether this gives a particular business a competitive edge over others within their niche.
  • Another interesting topic is the study of business mergers and acquisitions in the world of e-commerce. Examples include mail order and bidding sites.
The Social Responsibilities of a Business

When it comes to running a business, there is more to consider than just the making of money and spreading brand awareness. Businesses have to consider how their business model affects the world on a social level.

  • Students could look at what barriers are in place and how they stop ethical companies progressing into the mainstream.
  • How does a business stay ethical? Is there a standard practice or should each business amend their goals accordingly depending on the nature of their business?
Research on How Businesses Could Look to Acquire Foreign Investment

One of the main aspects of business is growth, and to grow quickly businesses generally need investment. Below are a couple of pointers that would make interesting essay topics.

  • Should oil companies within Kuwait change their business practice to make foreign investment more attractive? Give your reasons and thoughts on why you think they should or shouldn’t.
  • Are there any businesses whose branding became well known following an investment? Look into the companies and explain how the investment helped them gain popularity.

The above suggestions are only a handful of topics that can be attained from some research. Have a look online and visit your local library to compile a list of possible topics. Once you have decided on one that is interesting to you, carry out the research accordingly.

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