The winning MBA dissertation topics

MBA dissertation topics are a source of stress for many students, because finding a great one can be quite difficult—and how great the topic is has a huge effect on how well the finished dissertation will turn out. There are many effective strategies for choosing a good topic, including looking online. The following list includes topics from those found online; they were chosen to be a part of this list because they embody the very things that your mentor, advisor, or committee will be looking for in a great MBA topic. They also provide the student with ample, straightforward research opportunities.

  • Commercial Banking: Its beginnings and the history of the finance industry
  • This topic is excellent for the student who prefers to do historical research and analysis rather than research on a more contemporary idea, while still demonstrating that the student has a strong handle on the field of study.

  • Enhancing the Agricultural Industry: The role that micro-finance institutions may play
  • Instructors love very specific topics, and this one fits the bill admirably. Being able to do insightful, detailed research on such a narrow topic is certain to impress one’s advisory committee.

  • Ecommerce and Ebanking: The evolution of new security measures
  • This is an on-point topic for those who want to be at the cutting edge of the industry. Security concerns with etransactions are only become more relevant as the world increasingly turns toward doing business digitally.

  • Sweatshop Economics: How inhumane work practices in China affect the economy of the developed world
  • This topic is especially suitable for students with a humanitarian interest. It has the added benefit of demonstrating the student’s understanding of the global economy.

  • Culture and Marketing: How marketing strategies differ due to consumer cultural backgrounds
  • The student has the choice of approaching this topic from a broad point of view or making it more specific (comparing two different cultures, for example). In either case, it’s a great topic that is sure to intrigue the committee.

  • Marketing and the Processed Food Industry: Consumer motivators
  • The student can extend this topic to include GMO food also, for an even more contemporary topic, if they prefer to research current events. Processed foods are a huge part of the market, but they’re also stigmatized; this dichotomy makes for a very rich topic for research.

Many of these topics can be adapted to suit the student’s personal preferences as well—use them as a jumping off point for an original idea!

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