How To Find Unexplored Dissertation Topics On Autism

Writing your dissertation on autism is a great idea, because it’s a subject that is extremely important and pressing in the world right now. Any research you can do can help with the issues being faced by a relatively big percentage of the population will be useful, but if you can break through some new ground, it would be even better. Here is a short list of the best places to find unexplored dissertation topics of autism.

  • Medical papers
  • There are plenty of medical papers out there to read through in order to get an idea of the current research landscape. Work through any and all that you can get your hands on and ask questions the whole time: what hasn’t the author thought about? What haven’t they researched fully? What else can be done? How can you further improve the research that has already been started? If you ask these questions, you’ll soon find out where the gaps in the research are and be able to write your dissertation on those.

  • Google
  • If you don’t have easy access to medical papers, then the best place to start is a simple search on Google. You may well be able to find medical papers and articles online but, if not, there may well be other articles and blogs about autism and the latest research on the topic. News sites, especially BBC News, cover the newest breakthroughs in research and the latest treatments and drugs that are used to improve the condition.

  • Google Scholar
  • This is the place to look for medical papers and articles. You’re more likely to find something worth reading, something that has relevance to scientific communities and has plenty of references to other papers that you can read through in order to find yet more areas of research that have not yet been explored and that you can focus on for your dissertation topic.

  • Ask your tutor
  • Your tutor will know all about your subject and the topic of autism and where there are avenues still to be explored. They may be able to suggest a title or at least somewhere to start your reading and your research and what sort of questions you need to be asking as you read through the current or past research. Taking advice from your tutor is the best option if you have no idea where to start finding previously unexplored dissertation topics on autism.

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