Writing prompts for beginners: finding accounting dissertation topics

Using a writing prompt is a great way for someone to get ideas for writing. A writing prompt also helps to focus the written work in a specific direction. These are often used for college admission essays as well as personal essays. The writing prompt serves as the starting point. Sometimes they are questions the student must answer.

Purpose of a writing prompt

  • Helps you to overcome writer’s block
  • Keeps you focused on a certain subject
  • Spawns your creativity as a writer

Finding a topic for your accounting dissertation is a much more involved process than writing from a prompt. Your dissertation will be the crowning glory of all your academic work. Everything is riding on its success. Choosing the right topic for your dissertation is a challenging yet critical step in the dissertation writing process.

How to find a good accounting dissertation topic

It has been said that accounting is one of those disciplines that are extremely difficult to find interesting topics for. Regardless of this belief, you can still find topics for the accounting field. You just need some ideas of where to look.

You need to look in the following places for topic ideas:

  • Think back and reflect on what you have learned so far
  • Do some research using textbooks and journal articles
  • Research to discover some problems and their solutions
  • Explore existing problems that don’t seem to have adequate solutions to
  • Inspiration from other experts in the accounting field
  • Study past dissertations to get new ideas from the recommendations for further research

To start with, think of a general category within accounting you think you might want to write a topic about. Here are some general accounting sections to choose from: auditing, bookkeeping, international finance and trade, global banking, global economy, financial law, stocks and investing, management and financial accounting.

Put a lot of attention and detail into choosing your topic. It will show you are serious about your research and about writing your accounting dissertation. Make your topic strong and interesting so your proposal doesn’t get rejected and you have to start all over trying to find a suitable topic.

If you need help choosing a topic and writing a proposal, don’t hesitate to hire professional help. There are expert online writing companies that employ doctors in accounting to write topics, proposals and dissertations for a reasonable cost.

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