How can I use a doctoral dissertation example?

The beauty of finding a doctoral dissertation example is that you can use it to educate yourself. One of the best ways to improve your writing technique and all aspects associated with a doctoral dissertation is to read and study the work of others. They have travelled the path before you. They have completed their dissertation after months, possibly even years of work. If the doctoral dissertation examples you find have received a commendation or certainly a very high score, then you are in an even better position to study this material. Why?

There are certain aspects of a doctoral dissertation example which you should study separately and in detail.

  • The choice of topic and the creation of a thesis statement.
  • The format used and whether or not the writer met the requirements.
  • The amount of prior reading as demonstrated by the citation of references.
  • The number of words involved in the project and the comments from the examiner.
  • The balance between content and writing style.
  • You may take a great deal of time in choosing your specific topic. This no doubt will be done in consultation with other people and especially with your supervisor. As the writer of the doctoral dissertation example you are studying, has the writer chosen well as far as the topic is concerned? Is their thesis statement concise and clear? These two aspects are vitally important in helping you get off on the right foot when writing your own dissertation.

    There are a number of formats a writer can consider before producing their dissertation. Which format has been used in this work you are studying? Is it the format you will choose? Why?

    A dissertation is a major academic undertaking and requires the student to read widely and draw upon a significant number of resources. In the dissertation example you are studying, take note of the citation of references. This gives an indication of the amount and breadth of the resources which have been studied by the writer.

    How big is this dissertation example? How many words are involved? You will need to sort out the size of your own dissertation and comparing the topic and the number of words used can be a useful guide in the planning of your own work.

    Finally there is the balance between the information provided and the way it is described. Study the example in regard to both of these aspects. You need plenty of relevant information and you need to describe it sensibly and accurately.

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