How To Come Up With A Topic You Could Explore In A Psychology Dissertation

Coming up with a great topic for your psychology dissertation is an important first step in your professional career because it will be the first major work of research for which you will be known. It also becomes a major component that future employers will consider when they think about hiring you. You can see why it’s important to develop a topic that makes a good impression on both the graduate committee and future readers. Here are a few things you need to know about developing a good one:

Push the limits of the research study.

The most important thing to a dissertation topic is ensuring that you are pushing the limit in some way. Whether it means exploring new areas or ones that have been previously avoided because further studies had to come to light, consider everything in which you will be sort of a pioneer in. Another way to think about this is that you need to add to what is already known. Your contribution needs to be a great one.

Ensure methods match the theory.

This can be a tricky thing to measure. When you develop your idea or theory you can become convinced, prematurely, that it can be proven using a specific research method. While this may be the case you may deprive yourself of thinking creatively and outside the box when it comes to your approach. If you know it can be done with a specific method then what are the problems in using other methods? Perhaps another method could prove your theory incorrect, and therefore your idea may need critical revision.

It should never be answered with “yes” or “no”.

If you’re psychology dissertation topic can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” answer, then it’s not a good topic. The research might still be good but you’re getting off the right foot if you haven’t developed a question that engages the reader and forces you to provide a thorough explanation of your findings and one that posits the complexities of the question(s) you have explored.

Simply, make sure your topic is a worthwhile.

If you’re only reason for taking on this particular research project – aside from meeting your graduate requirement – is because there hasn’t been any work in this area of psychology before, you probably haven’t thought through your topic well enough. There could be a number of reasons why research hasn’t been done in a particular area. Remember that you want to push the limits on what is already known within your branch of psychology. It’s okay to be a little controversial.

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