How to create a postgraduate thesis: getting organized

Structuring and organizing your work are a very important part of your assignment.

Everybody understands that writing a paper, especially such a big and important one is not easy. You cannot just sit down, turn on your computer and start writing. Preparing your thesis takes much more than finding sources, writing and formatting what you have written. The first key step you will need to take is arrange your work and coordinate your future actions. Without it you will for sure not get lost and confused among all the information you have collected and things you still need to do. The ability to organize yourself shall come from high school or early college years. If you already come across your thesis and still do not know how to do it, do not worry. We will teach you the basics and walk you through.

Obstacles that may wait for you on your way to a completed dissertation.

Every year a lot of dissertations lay unfinished because something prevents their authors from taking over the control and finally start working. The most common problems are following:

  • there seems to be too much work.
  • no clear deadlines are set.
  • too much negative thoughts.
  • negative reaction of the instructor.

Stages to pass when writing a thesis.

Writing your dissertation can be divided into several parts to make it easier for you to cope with according to the type of work you will be doing or part of the thesis you will be working on. All of the steps form two big groups:

  1. Preparing to write.
  2. ctual writing.

First part is of a great importance. It will determine the whole process and terms of your work and, also, how you will treat the process. This is the planning period, when most of the organizing takes place. At this point you will need to decide how much work you will need on different parts of the thesis and how much time it will take. It means that you need to plan your work, set goals with clear tasks and deadline or make a schedule of your work, whichever is the most convenient for you. The main point is to have your work divided into a lot of small parts to make it look easier and create less uncomfortable situations for you. Only when you are done with it, you can actually start doing the research and writing the paper. But remember to always stick to your plan!

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