How To Make A Winning Dissertation Defence Presentation

You have written and presented your dissertation and now feel that most of the work is done with. But suddenly you find that someone from somewhere has raised some major questions on the paper that you have written. On several cases, even your assignment mentor could challenge some parts of the paper you have written.

In such situations, you will be expected to come up with a presentation in defence of your paper. Here are some tips that will help you settle the issue with an emphatic presentation.

Be glad that it happened

Most of us could be lowballed by the mere fact that some part of our hard-prepared paper has fallen under scrutiny. But you must be glad about it more than anything. This simply goes on top show that some part of the paper has something in it that is subject to future research.

Evaluate past circumstances

The first thing that you need to exercise while creating the dissertation defense presentation is to evaluate the precise circumstances under which you had written the dissertation. There could be several such situations that contributed to the paper that you wrote.

On several cases, it has been noted that a particular circumstance demands a researcher to include a few vital points or figures in the dissertation. Establishing such a circumstance can be a major help in the presentation.

Start anew

Once you are done with the research on the circumstances, review the work from the beginning. You might as well be surprised to know of the number of new angles that underwent your attention while submitting the dissertation at the first go.

If you find that the situation in hand was born out one of these new angles that the reviewer has discovered in the paper, make sure to indicate that in the presentation.

Establish a flow of thought

Nothing could better help you in defending your paper that the situation where you can establish a streamlined flow of thought. It might seem difficult at the first go but there is bound to be a certain flow of thought throughout the piece that allowed you to connect the dots at the first place.

Oboe you identify this particular flow, you can easily also identify the reason a particular string in the chord was challenged by some other researcher. Correcting them and bringing them into the original flow of the dissertation is all that you need to do.

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