Can I Get a PhD degree by Writing a Thesis Only

The simple answer would, of course, be no. However, there are many different reasons why the answer is no. The question makes it seem as if you write one paper and they hand you a PhD in whichever field you have chosen for yourself. That is just not how it works. There are things required of you before being able to get a PhD. These are the things that you need in order to earn your PhD in anything.

What is Required

  • You have to have gotten your previous degrees
  • You need to do the course work for your PhD
  • You must finish a dissertation to receive a PhD

Previous degrees

You have to have gone to college, completed all of the work necessary to graduate and get all of the degrees needed to be earned previous to the PhD. You cannot just go from high school to earning a PhD. It takes a lot more work than that. You do have to work hard to get there but once you are actually done it is worth all you put into it.

Corse Work

While in school for your PhD you have to do all of the course work given for your specific field of study. It is a lot of work and can be hard but after you do it there is still more to be done. Believe it or not there is even more needed for you to graduate with a PhD.


In order to receive your PhD you must complete a dissertation. A dissertation is a very long paper in which you not only talk about your field but contribute something to it. You must come up with and prove a thesis statement about your field. This must be something new to the field or an extension of something in the field. Making an actual contribution to the field you have spent so many years studying feels good. A lot of dissertations are published in journals as work considered new and exciting to the field.

It does take a lot of hard work and dedication to get a PhD. It is difficult but it is very rewarding. Doing a dissertation is one of the hardest things that a student can do but once done and especially if it is published makes the student feel great about themselves. Once one has their dissertation done and gets their degree they feel the work was all worth it.

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