How to find original dissertation ideas online:

What is a dissertation?

 A dissertation is a type of paper that is usually written by adults or young adults that are in college. It is a long essay that is written on one particular topic and a dissertation is very common to be written by students who are getting there degree as a doctor of philosophy. Having to choose a topic for your dissertation paper can be a very hard and stressful thing to do. It is easy to start writing about something that you are inspired by, possibly something that refers to your line of work or what you want to do with your work later on in life, and something that you want to add to the world.

Some subjects that have popular topics that a dissertation can be written about:

  • Marketing
  •  Music
  • Art
  •  Architecture
  • Biology
  •  Business
  •  Nursing
  •  Photography
  •  Psychotherapy
  •  Cultural studies
  •  Criminology
  • Drama
  •  Economics
  •   Environment
  •  Social work
  •  Sociology
  •   Theater studies
  •  Forensic science
  •  Nutrition and food
  •  Geology
  •   Religion and theology
  •   Safety and health
  •  The rights of humans
  •  History
  •    Linguistics
  •   Studies that are international
  •   Relations that are international

Topics within the above subjects that can be written for a dissertation:

These topics are a bit more specific and offer a ton of controversial issues in which can be discussed and researched in length and are what will make a perfect dissertation paper.

  • The exact extent of bilingualism in Quebec
  •  A focus on what the differences are between the young and the elderly: methods of resilience in which are meant to cope with adversity
  •   How woman are becoming the new frontiers in the middle east as engineers, like in the oil industry
  •  Is pop music worth it, how popular music is not really music and how it is making real music decline in society and on the charts
  •  How what is going on in the global economy is causing a vast amount of the male depression that is being documented and tracked
  •   How adults that have leadership positions have a place in psychotherapy, what it is and why they have it
  •   Is it too much of a risk to continue investing directly into Russia
  •  How investment choices are made by the capital pricing model, is it right for things to be done this way and is it fair
  • The reasons behind the purpose of businesses bundling so much together through the use of stratagems

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