Writing a PhD Paper Paragraph: Great Examples to Use


Students every year make the decision to write a PhD paper, and some of those papers take up quite a lengthy amount of time. Writing this type of paper is not the same as writing a standard paper for a class. When a person decides to write a PhD paper, it is a big responsibility. It is time consuming, stress inducing, but worth it if it is what you truly desire to do.


Examples of PhD Paragraph Papers 

When you are first starting the research for your PhD, keep in mind that the research and experiments can take months or even years to finish conducting. Make sure that you know what you are getting into before committing to achieving your PhD. Below I have examples of completed PhD topics that can be used for inspiration.

  • Syntactic error processing in bi-lingual children
  • Influences on Destructive College Drinking
  • Children’s predictions about future desires
  • HIV Antiretroviral therapy
  • Depression Prevention
  • Influence of culture on cognitive processes
  • Risk and Resilience Child development
  • Leadership Versatility
  • Between a Book and the Mind of the reader
  • Poverty vs Wealth: Is the neighborhood to blame?
  • Our grief: exploring children's experiences of returning to school after the loss of a family member
  • Violence in Young Adult Literature
  • Music play and self-regulation
  • Self-Regulation

There are tons of different examples out there right now. You can go to the campus library or just look online for any other examples you may need. Also if you know anyone who has previously completed a PhD, they are also a good source to ask. These are just a few of the samples that are available for your viewing pleasure.

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