Top ideas and prompts for creating a solid PhD dissertation

The best ideas for writing a solid dissertation are found in your chosen field. Look at your field, then figure out what you want to do in that field. So let’s say you are majoring in Geology, and wanting to work in Marine Geology. Ok now you have a list of topic areas narrowed. You will know that your area will come from marine geology.

In your field of study

The next step is to look up other people’s works, to get ideas what has already been done, and can be done. Maybe someone’s work interests you, and outdated, that would be a good one to do. Do it with more modern findings and information. Or maybe you do not get any ideas, read in both the school library and public library. There will be plenty of books on this topic. A possible interest could be found in one of them.

Talk to people in your field

You are likely to meet some people in the field at this level of study, in the field, talk to them. Maybe one of them is working on something, or finished working on something that would interest you. Maybe something they say will lead you on to something? These are all valid leads to ideas for your Dissertation.

Use what is at hand

Another lead is to talk to your Professor and advisor. They know how to see points you might be missing.

Separating and Refining your topic

Maybe you seen something on Geothermal vents. Everything you seen is on immediate effects, and not on how the long-term effects. So in here you might find that your question would be; what are the long-term effects of geothermal vents? So now you will have to focus that question into an idea to base your Thesis on. Being that you are studying to be a marine geologist, and not a marine volcanologist, you need to target this into a geology question.

What next?

Once you get it toned into a geological question; and design an idea of what to do, take it to your adviser. Go over it with them and explain what you are wanting to do, and how you can do it. Let them hear you out, and decide on it. If they feel it is something that can be done while in school, and that there is a relative value to it. If the answers are yes, they will approve it for you.

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