10 reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of writing a PhD paper

You are just about there, if you let yourself be. Putting off your dissertation out of fear of rejection or more disastrously seeing it as an indictment against the years of school and research that have taken you this far is a frightening notion. But it doesn’t have to be.

The main theme in these points is the importance of organization

Familiarize yourself

The world is full of unknowns, including those associated with your dissertation. with and adhere to the formats required from the beginning.

Review your topics

If you are afraid of writing your dissertation, it should not have taken you this long to show your hesitance., take a hard look at yourself and start believing.

Seek advice

You are at a stage where the input of others is of the utmost importance. If you have              made the decision to continue it is critical to acknowledge the support of others is available!

It’s a new voyage

Although you may not see it this way, writing your dissertation is a new experience and like it or not, you have to embrace it. The only way forward points towards positive.

Help yourself

If you are not in sync with your advisor, you shouldn’t still be reading this. The support and mentoring you receive from him or her is essential to completion, so make sure you keep your advisor informed of your progress and the best way for the two of you to work cohesively and ultimately successfully.

Surround yourself...or don’t

Depending on how you choose to work with your committee, you may or may not feel it necessary to keep them as in the loop as your advisor, so use them as you wish, but they are a form of support, so do not alienate them.

Take a deep breath

Funding for research is more often political than academic, but don’t be rattled. You have come this far for a reason.

Love thy neighbor

It might not seem so, but your colleagues are not your competition unless you let that seed start growing in your mind. However, if that sort of competition motivates you, direct it towards students at other universities with whom you will be seeking jobs in the same market.

It’s in your reach

By coming this far it should be self-evident that your ability to gather information and apply what you have learned means…


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