Is it expensive to buy a dissertation online?

There are many people who opt to hire a professional freelance writer or academic writer for their dissertation. While there are inherent risks associated with this, one of the biggest considerations next to the risks is the cost.

So how much does it cost to hire a professional writer to handle your dissertation for you?


Well, for starters the cost is contingent upon the skills and expertise of the writer.

If you hire a writer who has only a college degree and has never written a dissertation, they might charge significantly less. But that also means they may lack the qualifications to produce a top tier paper for you.

If you hire a writer from a foreign country for whom English may be a second or third language, your paper will not be the coherent document you need, but they will charge significantly less.

If you hire a writer who has completed many dissertations in their personal life, with degrees surpassing yours, they will charge much more than anyone else, but they will also give you the time and craftsmanship that you require.

Number of pages

Another fact that influences the cost of your dissertation writing is the number of pages. You may need a dissertation for a master’s degree or for a PhD. This will have an impact on the number of pages required. Many writers charge by the number of pages. Therefore, if you need something that is fifty pages, it will of course cost less than something that is eighty pages. If you have done some of the work yourself, and handled some of the research and writing, you might get away with a lower price.


The amount of time that the writer has will also greatly affect the price. If you come to a writer months in advance, the moment you are given the task, they will charge a regular fee. But if you come to them weeks or days before it is due and need something done immediately, there will be many fees. A lot of professional academic writers have their per-page cost and then they have fees for time. Something that is a rush job of 72 hours will cost more than a standard fee, but will cost less than a 24 hour rush or 12 hour rush.

So bear all of this in mind before you hire someone to write your next dissertation for you.

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