How To Find A Dissertation Topic - 5 Useful Suggestions

If you have got to the stage in your academic career where you are asked to write a dissertation, then you will know by now that the choice of topic is all-important. This is not a short essay. This is not something you can achieve in a matter of hours. And that being the case, it is all the more important why finding the right dissertation topic is so important.

Finding the right dissertation topic needs some practical guidance and here you will find some useful suggestions.

  • Brainstorming is always effective.
  • Seeking advice from your teacher or professor is essential.
  • Don't forget the traditional library resources.
  • The online world is full of possibilities.
  • What about your fellow students?

Brainstorming is a highly effective activity which can help you uncover information or ideas you might not otherwise have found. It always helps if you can do brainstorming with somebody else because many minds make ideas work. Again it's essential that you get the trigger words just right. What sort of dissertation topic appeals to you? Get the basics right and then let the brainstorming open up a new world of ideas.

Your teacher or professor will have been supervising students writing a dissertation for many years. You know their ideas can always be taken seriously. Seeking their advice is a no-brainer. Rather than ask them for topic suggestions, take your ideas to them to seek their reaction.

Because of the huge reliance we place on the digital revolution today many of us forget traditional resources. Your college or school library will have examples of dissertations. The staff at this library will know what sort of material has been stored and by asking the right type of questions you can discover a whole range of ideas for possible dissertation topics.

You don't need me to tell you that the online world is awash with dissertation topics. Again the key is putting the right words in the search engines so you get more quickly and more effectively to the websites which are likely to help you find your dissertation topic.

And don't forget your fellow students. You only need one fellow student to have an idea about a good dissertation topic but of course asking a number of students what they have found interesting and why can very well spark an idea for you.

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