What Is The Proper APA Format For A PhD Dissertation?

When you reach the doctoral stage in academics, you realize that life cannot be a bed of roses. The dissertation is surely staring you from a corner and you have to face the inevitable. You should therefore remain prepared for it.

  • The PhD paper has a definitive layout. There is a Title page, abstract; Preface, Table of Contents; Body, reference and Appendix. You can also have other pages in case you have made use of tertiary elements such as illustrations or tables.
  • The writing will have to be done in double-spacing and 12 pts Times New Roman font. Each segment is carefully distinguished and there should be no overlapping. You can use the footnote to subtly describe a term you have mentioned in the Body.
  • When you abide by the APA formatting, you need to stick by its regulation throughout the paper. There is a definite system pronounced for Methodology and Analysis pages and you will have to go through the motions even if you find it cumbersome. On your behalf, it is easy to feel the irritation that the formatting adds in your life; as if the paper was not enough headache!!
  • The formatting comes up rightly in the reference page and you cannot afford to make mistakes here. The last name of writers has to be mentioned prior to their first and middle names. In case a writer has given you more than one resource, he should be given priority.
  • In case of books with multiple writers, you have to mention them with punctuations. The aligning page in the Body will have the writer’s last name and the year of publication in parentheses.
  • You cannot withhold or ignore the name of religious books, say, The Bible, just because they are widely renowned. You will have to mention the column and page you have derived from.
  • In case of web inspirations, you have to mention the URL and then the year of publication of the article.

You can understand the exact systemic interpretations from eminent APA samples. This is especially in context with the reference page. Also remember that new guidelines keep gloating in and you should make sure that you are following the latest guidelines.

The PhD dissertation is a lengthy piece of work and it is a time-taking task to ensure that the formatting rules have been followed in each page. You should be alert in regard to the anomalies. Remain observant.

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