A List Of Promising Topics For Doctoral Dissertations In Musicology

Musicology is more that the study of music because this study looks at the scientific aspect of music.  It’s hard to pick a topic for your dissertation, no matter what subject you are studying but musicology gives you a wider range of topics to choose from.  You have spent the last few years studying all there is to know about musicology so you should have some idea of what you want to do your doctoral dissertation on.  Look at everything that you studied, was there a subject or topic that really interested you, that could be your topic for your dissertation but it you don’t know, then hopefully these topics will help you.

Musicology Doctoral Dissertation Topics

  • You can look at the politics of a part of a music ensemble, like brass, percussion, wind, and so on.  Each part of a band has a specific part but a look at the in-depth workings of a specific section could make for a great dissertation.
  • We complain about how bad music is today but is there an underlying cause for this.  For example, has pop music become more pornographic today or it is the writing of the music that has made it a downfall.
  • Anyone from a bigger city knows that street performers and musicians are a staple.  But with laws, these performers are losing their stage.  Do you think that this freedom of expression for musician a good way to perform or will taking this away from them change the way that up and coming artists get discovered?
  • The rise of Korean pop and hip-hop.  I’m sure you have heard the some “Gangnam style” and other Korean artist are making their way to the states with their unique music.
  • Broadway is a must see if you visit New York but are they still as popular as they were in their hay day or has the singing and dancing lost it’s appeal.

These topics are just some of the ideas that you can use for your musicology dissertation.  It’s hard to give you specific topics because you can probably come up with a better topic on your own.  These are here just to help you brainstorm ideas for your own.  You musicology doctoral dissertation topic should be one that you have a passion for because your doctoral dissertation will be one of the things that you will consider as your masterwork and will follow you in your career.

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