Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation without a Hitch

A dissertation is one of the most stressful, complicated works that a person will have to create in their career. It’s the first work that is responsible for showing an audience what the student has learned over the years of their education. But the dissertation doesn’t always have to be this terrible event, sometimes the process can be an easy and an almost perfect event.

For the writer who wants a dissertation to go off without a hitch, all they need to do is prepare for it. Plan it out, but be flexible enough that if a plan has to alter, it won’t affect their process. A change in the plan doesn’t mean the end of the smooth process. Having this sort of mentality will allow the writer of the dissertation an easy time.

Here is an example of a plan that will allow the writer to have a smooth and worry free writing process.


  • Divide Time
  • Make a plan for the parts of the dissertation. Choose how much time you will allow yourself to work on the parts. If you only want to research for three days, then schedule that.

  • Outline
  • Having an outline of each section of the paper makes the writing process easier. It provides a sketch of how the paper is intended to look as the final photograph of the education you have received.

  • List Sources
  • Having a list of the sources that you are planning to use, is helpful for both a reference as you are writing the paper, and at the end when you create the reference page. This list will help you know what you want to include.

No plan goes the way it was laid out, so as you proceed down the road of the dissertation journey, you need to be able to adjust the timelines and benchmarks in order to remain worry free. Being able to adapt will be the person’s greatest strength when it comes to having a dissertation work well.

Using this type of plan will allow the person to tackle each part of the dissertation in small parts instead of taking it head on as one large project. The smaller sections will allow the person to be able to work through it like a math problem—one step at a time—in order to find the result that they want. The person will be able to have a successful and painless dissertation if they have the plan laid out and follow it.

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