How To Write A Strong Master's Dissertation Proposal Conclusion

In order to complete your master’s dissertation proposal with a strong conclusion, you must thoroughly research, discuss about the concluding paragraph. Conclusion cannot be treated as a simple summary for your thesis. The thesis is about your belief about the subject you will study, and everything based on numerous reasons and evidence that you may accumulate through the research. You should also remember that, your research paper would be presented to readers, so you must work on your conclusion to give the readers a wonderful view about your dissertation.

Why do you need to use conclusion?

The reason for using conclusion in your thesis proposal is to sum up about the multiple issues, and research works that you came across. It also helps the writer to comment upon about the clear meaning about the topic selected for the master’s thesis. Here are some reasons what conclusion part seeks to:

  • Integrate and tie altogether, various issue that came up during discussion part, and you can also include about introductory thesis objectives.
  • It gives answers which were raised during the research works.
  • It focuses on the limitation factors of the study.
  • It helps to provide a different approach and a hope for further research work.

Careful about the content for the conclusion part!

The conclusion must have a rational ending which must have been vividly described in the mid section the dissertation. But one must not include any new material, because this will create confusion and in order to clarify, it will only ruin the beauty of conclusion. The writing approach should be very precise and systematic. And it should not exceed 5 pages, this is as per the rules and regulations that one must follow while undertaking master’s dissertation paper.

The structure of the conclusion

The structure should be bold and it should be rich content wise, and choice of words is a crucial factor. By using ornamental words, you can catch the attention of the readers and at the same time it must be good enough for the examiners to understand and appreciate the issues of the dissertation paper. The basic structure starts with, introduction, middle, research questions, theoretical implications etc. But it will definitely vary depending on the topic of the dissertation.

Last but not the least, through the conclusion section, you convey the examiner about the views and opinion that you have framed from the research. It should be done in details and one must go deep into the subject, to collect sufficient information to be able to write a meaningful conclusion.

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