Great Tips about Crafting a Good Dissertation Proposal

To write a good dissertation proposal, you can ask your supervisor to give you general guidelines, visit a university’s library and see the samples of dissertation proposals. There are also few other guidelines help you in writing such a king or academic paper:

Every good dissertation proposal consists of the following elements:

  • A dissertation proposal title
  • No one forces you to finalize your title. This should be a working title that is often a subject to change. Try to keep it simple and show clearly a focus of your research.

  • A short introduction
  • An introduction presents the key problem of the dissertation. This is also a right place to set up the main ideas you have about the theory and its application. Sometimes it makes sense to write a literature overview as a part of the introduction, but usually it is better to separate these elements of the proposal.

  • Goals and objectives
  • A goal is something you want to achieve. An objective is a step or a way one should make to reach the goal. Both are composed as positive statements without weak verbs. Supervisors often ask to put down one goal and a set of objectives which help to perform the research step-by-step.

  • Methodology description
  • Choose the methods you consider necessary to complete your work successfully. Explain general scientific approaches first, and then describe special methods. Keep in mind that you should provide enough details, so other researchers will be able to replicate your study and get the same outcomes.

  • A literature review
  • This element of a dissertation proposal outlines the existing theory and methodology in your study area. It helps to understand the context and make sure you propose some improvements to existing approaches.

  • The scope of research and its limitations
  • It is impossible to cover everything in one piece of work. Every study has its limitations and boundaries. For instance, scientists often do not have an opportunity to gather the required data or cannot access some territories because of visa problems.

  • An informational database
  • This element provides a list of data and different resources you need to conduct your research successfully. Resources usually include books, professional equipment, special software, working reports, etc.

  • A list of chapters and sub-chapters
  • It shows the structure of your paper.

  • A schedule
  • Write down a working schedule for your dissertation. It is better to fit it with the academic year and your supervisor’s timetable. Give as many details as possible, so you and your tutor can find the weakness and redo the proposal.

  • A list of references
  • This is the final part of the proposal. It consists of the sources you used to write the proposal and shows that you separate your own ideas and thoughts of others.

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