MBA Dissertation Topics

Boost your chances of crafting a successful MBA dissertation paper by selection the right topic. Every MBA student has to submit an MBA dissertation paper. The B-school asks each student to submit their dissertation paper before the final year project. Thus, one of the major tasks for the MBA students in the last semester is the submission of the MBA dissertation. But it the proposal writing that can lead you to a successful dissertation paper. It is through your proposal writing that you can prove to the dissertation committee that your dissertation project is valid and viable and in turn you can persuade the committee to accept your project proposal.

Consider Topic Selection Seriously

With the lack of proper knowledge, right expertise in the research and an ignorant attitude towards the dissertation paper almost 80% of the students end up selecting the wrong topic. Topic selection is one of the most difficult as your entire paper will be on that particular topic. If you want your topic to get approved you have to take the topic selection process seriously.

Categorizing MBA Topics

The MBA program topics can be categorized between two segments- Functional and Analytical.

  • Topics dealing with the operational aspects of a business such as financial management, brand management and human capital are known as functional topics.
  • Topics dealing with theoretical and research elements of running a business are known as analytical topics.


We have come up with some topics for you. These well researched topics are based on the MBA module’s core areas.

  • Commercial Banking having its roots in the Financial Industry.м
  • Agricultural Industry and the role of Micro-Finance Institutions to heighten the Industry.
  • Initiatives to counter the security threats posed in Electronic Transactions.
  • Global Patent Policy Harmonization: Its merits and demerits
  • Defining the Global market by the cultural backgrounds of the consumers.
  • Price Competition between Organizations in UK Market: A detailed Analysis
  • Various motivators influencing consumers to buy processed foods-an insight on this.
  • How to apply the theory of ‘Marketing Mix’ in the Modern Brand Management Design?
  • An Example of Human Rights Violation-‘Sweatshop Violation of Vietnam’, how?
  • Preventing the clash of cultures through advertising: Role of Censor strategies.

You cannot go wrong with these topics. They have been studies and researched by our experts in MBA program. They have surveyed the dissertation papers that have been successful and have chosen the best of the lot.

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