Advice From A Professor's Point Of View: Composing Original Dissertation Topics

Dissertation writing

Writing a dissertation is one of the most critical assignments a student has to complete during his academic career. Students usually get lost in the middle of their dissertations because they did not listen closely to the instructions by their teacher. Another major reason for failure to complete a dissertation is that students have never written a dissertation before and do not know how to compose one. The best way to complete your dissertation on time is to start early. The first thing you need to finalize in a dissertation is the topic of your research. Here are expert tips and suggestions from university professors that will help you choose original topics for your paper.

How to choose an original topic

If you are wondering how you will choose a unique topic for your dissertation, then you must read this article until the end to find out what you need to do.

Look at your subject

Before you write anything down or even, think about writing anything for the topic, it is important to develop a good understanding of your subject. You need to focus on what your subject aims at and how will you address it.

Break it down

After you know your subject in and out, you will realize it is a vast area to discuss and you need to direct your efforts. This is why you need to break down your subject into divisions and sub divisions.

Choose an area of interest

Observe each category carefully and see which one you can do without a hitch. Even though all the categories or areas will require further research and you will not have enough data to compile a research paper on your own, you can still choose a preferable one.

Research for past publications

When you have your area of interest, carry out some background research. Check what has already been published on this area and what topics gained most popularity.

Read expert written dissertations

To see how to compose a good topic, you should read expert written dissertations. They will help you in understanding the right format and tone for your topic.

Follow the instructions

Always respect your professor’s preferences and instructions if you want to succeed.

Finally, you should

  • Brainstorm for fresh ideas
  • Create a catchy topic
  • Edit and rephrase

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