20 PhD Dissertation Topic Ideas That Can Help You Create An Outstanding Project

One of the most challenging issues that any student faces is selecting a topic that will help them to develop an outstanding project for a PhD dissertation. Students will spend hours upon hours trying to find a topic that will give them an outstanding project and waste considerable time investigating poor quality topics. Rather than wasting your time with dead end topics, start with this list of topics and you will soon have one that will work for you.

When you are faced with this task consider these twenty ideas to help select an outstanding topic.

  1. Design a business process to boost the success of an e-commerce strategy within any industry
  2. Positive and negative implications of social media within the business world
  3. Award winning strategies for utilizing social media as a marketing tool for any business
  4. The benefits of utilizing business simulation tools in the education environment
  5. How the evolution of communication technology influences interpersonal skills between people
  6. Implementing e-commerce technologies in third world countries
  7. Wireless communication evolution in developing countries
  8. Utilizing websites and online tools to manage the governments of developing countries
  9. Implementing e-government systems within developing countries
  10. Highlight the security issues within any e-government system that is implemented at every level
  11. Assess new health and safety standards within the electronics industries
  12. Implementing safety standards for new technologies within developing worlds
  13. Operating within foreign countries and keeping in line with local laws
  14. Methods for implementing a project management culture within an organization
  15. Evolution of project management techniques within the business world
  16. Comparative study on effective project management strategies between industries
  17. The art of human resource management and balancing protecting the company while still helping employees
  18. Worldwide climate management and coordinating the implementation of a climate control strategy between multiple countries
  19. Business continuity versus disaster recovery strategies for technical companies
  20. Contingency planning strategies for online e-commerce sites

Selecting a dissertation topic can be a difficult task with all the pressure a student may face to make the resulting work outstanding. Review this list of twenty topics and you will find one topic that will be of interest and you can develop the topic and make it your own. The end result will be an outstanding topic for any PhD dissertation.

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