Composing A Strong Dissertation Introduction: 5 Things You Must Know

  1. Choose the right topic
  2. Before you can start what your introduction, is important that you have a good topic to write the paper on. In order to help you with this, it can be beneficial to look through past papers to help give you some good ideas. Not only can you see what works, you can also see what doesn’t.

  3. Grab the reader’s attention
  4. Ideally, you want to grab the reader’s attention with the title; however, it is just as important that the opening part of your introduction entices the reader to carry on reading. As a result, you want to include an interesting statement or question that really engages the reader right from the very beginning.

  5. Make every word count
  6. Your dissertation introduction can only be so long; therefore, it is important you make every single word count. As a result, it is important that you write several drafts, and simply cut out any words that do not add value to the introduction. Furthermore, if you’re using two or three words where one word would suffice, then replace them with the more appropriate alternative.

  7. Details to include
  8. In your introduction you want to essentially outline what your dissertation will be about. Essentially, you will be expanding upon the title so as to give the reader more information about the various sections that are included in your paper.

    It is important to include a hypothesis, as well as why you are carrying out this particular piece of research. You may wish to include various details about where the work is being carried out, and a brief overview of how you will do it.

  9. Check the work once it has been written
  10. Finally, one of the most important things you need to do is check the work. You can write a fantastic introduction where all the words are relevant and you include all the necessary details; however, if you have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors then it can really have a detrimental effect on the piece of work.

    If you are not confident enough that you will be able to do this adequately enough yourself, then there are other solutions to help you. You may wish to ask a friend or someone else to help you; however, one of the very best ways is to employ a paid professional to carry out any necessary editing and proofreading.

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