27 Winning Dissertation Topics You Can Look Into

Experts agree that one of the surefire ways of getting a high mark on your dissertation project is to choose a great topic. Here are 27 of the best ones:

  1. The evolution of sexuality as viewed in politics and society in the US.
  2. Educational systems and the needs of today’s students versus those of the past.
  3. Psychology and the formation of the self through childhood independence versus dependence.
  4. Discuss how different computer technologies of today will affect the policies of tomorrow.
  5. Discuss how investment strategies in the US have changed as a result of the recent recession.
  6. Public libraries and different sources for providing free access across communities.
  7. The need for more public health education to counter the rising costs of healthcare.
  8. Sports athletes and their role in the public spectrum as celebrities.
  9. Should airport security begin to use military or ex-military personal for increased protection?
  10. Free public internet access. Is this a right or a privilege?
  11. Should governments allow sports holidays to increase national patriotism across international sports?
  12. Should obese or overweight people pay a premium for receiving health care?
  13. How would legalizing marijuana help local economies pay for other services through an organized taxation system?
  14. Should cities focus more on developing transportation systems or creating public parks?
  15. How can legalized gambling help economies? What dangers should one consider?
  16. Destabilized economies and their effect on foreign nations and relations.
  17. Analyze how technology has effected public and private education differently.
  18. What are the effects of children watching too much television in their early years of development?
  19. Discuss how the public should take more responsibility towards the environment.
  20. A discussion on different management styles and the effects to the bottom line.
  21. Should veterans of war be afforded even greater social security benefits than non-vets?
  22. Is there such a thing as identity theft security in light of evolving technologies?
  23. Government procurement of goods and services and the cost it has on a society.
  24. How are the different modes of local commuting affecting a community’s health?
  25. The cost of military technologies across different nations engaged in war.
  26. Discuss how celebrities can negatively or positively influence public policy.
  27. What are the perceived advantages or disadvantages to having the first female president in the US?

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